Author Mike X Welch

The Vampire and the Dragon - PrOOF Vol. 1

Stephen Duncan is a working-class vampire; all he wants is to keep a low profile, work to earn enough cash to keep himself in livestock blood, and play video games.

His life is turned upside down by the presence of a fantastical creature at his blood vendor's slaughterhouse, and then even further by the shadowy agency responsible for it.

The agency for the Preservation of Occult Figures (PrOOF) wants to bring Stephen under their 'protection' as well, but when Stephen sees how they treat their friends, he's wondering how they treat their enemies...

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Prologue of The Vampire and the Dragon (PrOOF Vol. 1)


            Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

            A vampire walks into a slaughterhouse…

            I’ve been to this complex dozens of times before. It’s an amalgamation of several large buildings with some smaller offices at the front. I’m here to pick up the five gallons of livestock blood I’ll consume this month. I’m shown into the manager’s office and endure five minutes of banal chitchat typical when face to face with Morty. I avoid humans in general; partially because of the annoying ones like Morty, but also because I don’t like the temptation of slaughtering them and drinking their blood.

            The conversation is brought to a halt by the sound of something solid smacked against the relatively thin metal walls of the slaughterhouse.

            “What the hell was that?”

            Morty averts his eyes and answers “Nothin’. I dunno. Nothing.”…

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